Internet Safety for Children

Internet Safe
Internet safety - how can we ensure that children are safe online?

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As children are growing up in the digital age, it is important that they are taught boundaries and what is safe online, when the internet is at their finger tips almost 24/7.

We have devised some top tips to help keep your child internet safe.

Table of Contents

Parental Controls/Plugins

As you may already know, parental controls are an easy way to keep your children safe online, meaning that you can block and prevent access to inappropriate and malicious content.  

You can install/add/edit parental controls on many of the devices your child has access to within the home such as; phones or tablets, games consoles, laptops and your home internet. 

internet safe

To install and implement parental controls on your devices click here. 

Time Limits

safe online
  • Setting time limits on how long your child is online is healthy and gives them structure as part of a routine  
  • You can set this as part of the parental controls online and on devices to log off when a certain time has passed. 
  • Setting this into a schedule or as a treat can also work as your child may appreciate their time online and use it more wisely. 

Time Together

Time spent playing games together lets you keep a close eye on what your child is doing online or while playing games. 

Spending time together can build your relationship  through doing something you both enjoy. This also promotes communication between you and your child which can lead to a closer bond and generating a healthier mind set.

Make it a family time activity – as lockdown doesn’t seem to be lifting any time soon, set aside some time for playing an online video game the whole family can get involved in! 

For example:  

  • Just Dance. 
  • Mario Party. 
  • Monopoly Online.
  • Pokémon Go (for outdoor walks with family – keep children entertained and interested in getting active).
stress-relieving activity

To keep your little ones learning try Emile Education for free during lockdown with educational resources for Maths and English KS1 and KS2. 


safe online

Child app versions are helpful to ensure that your child is viewing child-friendly content. 

  • A lot of services offer this i.e. Netflix, Disney+ and Sky Kids to name a few 

You can also set passwords and locks on certain streaming services and other media content that you do not wish you child to accidently see, or come across while searching for their favourite TV Show etc.  

Social Media

internet safe

As children get older social media and the internet become much more prominent in their lives and are easy to access. Staying internet safe for tweens/teens is extremely important. 

Here are a few ideas into approaching social media and how to keep your tween/teen internet safe: 

  • Make sure you know what social media platforms your child is on and that their account is private (making sure that you know their passwords and log in details can make it easier to access and see what they are posting). 
  • Following your child on social media is a good idea to check that the content they are posting and the people they are following, are appropriate for their age-level. 
  • Make sure your child is aware of the dangers of being online and how important it is to be internet safe. 
  • Being approachable if something does happen online. This could be a number of things eg. cyber bullying, grooming, scams etc.  
  • Explain the steps that need to be taken if someone or something is making them feel uncomfortable online.
  • Tell a parent or a trusted adult what is going on and why it is making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Block or report a user or content (evidence may need to be screenshotted or recorded beforehand in serious circumstances) 
  • Notifying authorities if necessary 
  • Reminding your child that is it not their fault that this occurs. 

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