10 wellbeing tips for teachers this festive season

10 wellbeing tips for teachers

10 wellbeing tips for teachers- This year has been a hard one for all and we couldn’t be more grateful for the continual amazing work you have provided. But as we all know the work doesn’t stop just because it is the holidays, that’s why we have put together 10 wellbeing tips for teachers this festive season. Remember you deserve this time off! 

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Table of Contents

10 wellbeing tips for teachers


Just like Santa we recommend making a list of things you have to do over the festive period.

This might sound simple and a straight forward tip however, it can stop you feeling overwhelmed by all the holiday teacher work load, and limits the amount of work you have to do. Concentrating on the basics.

  • Evernote – Stay organised with this app as you can input typed notes or scan handwritten notes. Create and organise lesson plans, to do lists, images and articles.
  • Pocket – Too busy to read something you have just scrolled past? With the Pocket app, save news, articles, stories, videos, recipes, web pages and read them later.

Enjoy your time out of the classroom

A Christmas Detox- You have earned these two weeks off! Sit back and relax and make your space your own. It’s away from the classroom and should be a place where you can feel at ease. 

Allocation of time to yourself is important 

10 wellbeing tips for teachers

Check in with Friends and Colleagues

As inherently social creatures, most human beings find their greatest source of happiness and satisfaction in relationships with other people.

This year has been tough and lonely, isolated away from most friends and family. We recommend picking up the phone or set up a festive video call catch up, to keep the communication flowing and not feeling so distant. Maybe others are feeling just as alone and overwhelmed. Having the support from others works wonders.

Get Active

10 wellbeing tips for teachers

Another simple tip is getting active. Something that might be forgotten or neglected while being busy as Santa’s elves at Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change even a walk can blow away the cobwebs. 

  • Check out the University of Leeds Twelve Days of Winter Wellbeing to get back into being physically active of Christmas:
10 wellbeing tips for teachers

Wellbeing "Advent Calendar"

It’s hard for anyone to give time to themselves over the festive period. A Wellbeing Advent Calendar is the perfect way to set time aside for you.

All you have to do is fill up a jar with notes of what you would like to do over Christmas just for you, it doesn’t have to take up the whole day and doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Pick one at random each day and implement that into your day. 

For example:

  • A Note of Something you are Grateful for
  • Drink More Water Daily
  • Take a Minute to Focus on Breathing

Podcasts and Wellbeing Apps

Cosy up at the darkest time of the year with a calming podcast or wellbeing app.

Check out these perfect podcasts and wonderful wellbeing apps to get you through the holidays.

10 wellbeing tips for teachers


  • The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth KemptonTips for a stress-free holiday season and advice for taking care of ourselves at this time of year. 
  • Power Hour – What could you do, if you dedicated just one hour each day to improving yourself and your life?
  • The Daily BoostMotivation podcast that makes goals setting, time management, productivity, and building self-confidence easier than ever.
  • Teacher Toolkit PodcastFor all the latest gossip, interviews and thoughts on education.


  • HeadspaceFew minutes a day of wellbeing for healthier, happier and more well-rested life.
  • Sleep CycleAn alarm clock app which tracks your sleep patterns.
  • Colorfly – A colour therapy app for adults. Download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

We also, recommend creating a playlist of your music favourites or calming music to really get into the relaxing mood.

10 wellbeing tips for teachers


Life still goes on after the school gates are shut for the holidays. It’s important to communicate your feelings throughout this time and remember…

“There are no teachers who have perfect lessons every day, never doubting themselves. We teach children, after all, and children are not perfect human beings. So reach out to others, realise that you are not alone and that most teachers who seem like they have it all together probably have off days as well. Bad days do not define us, they are an opportunity to grow. We feel our bads so innately because we take pride in what we do – that is the mark of a great teacher who is making a difference. Even if it does not feel like it that day.” – Secret Teacher

Challenge Yourself

10 wellbeing tips for teachers

Challenge yourself to learn something new whether it be a new activity or developing a new skill. This can stimulate the mind in a different way and feels like a breath of fresh air.  

Some examples:

  • Play an Instrument
  • Write a Short Story
  • Try Origami
  • Learn a New Language
10 wellbeing tips for teachers

Hobbies and Interests

Get back into what you love to do best!

Your hobbies and interests make you happy and with time off its the perfect time to give back to yourself and what your are passionate about. Hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life and allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive, all in all improving your mental wellbeing.

Schedule in wellbeing

The new year is fast approaching!

Don’t forget to make time for wellbeing all year round, not just during the festive period.

Sticking to a routine can anchor us, the predictability of routine can offer some comfort in an otherwise unpredictable world.

As long as we’re finding our routines helpful and not harmful, and feel able to flex and change them as our life changes, they can be a great thing to build on and develop over time. 


10 wellbeing tips for teachers
  • We will all value different things – for some of us it might be reading with the kids, others might want some time each day to play with their cat, some of us might enjoy sitting and reading for a little while. For many of us, it will be something else entirely, but that’s why our daily routines are individual to us.

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