The Personal Development Tracker takes the guesswork out of gauging students’ mental and emotional wellbeing. 

An easy-to-use resource where students complete a survey every term and using this information, the Personal Development Tracker compiles detailed reports demonstrating the progress students have made and where students may need a bit more support .

How Does the Personal Development Tracker Help Schools?

  • Record and monitor personal development and emotional & mental wellbeing over time for each child.

  • Measurements include: wellbeing, pride in school, friendships, feelings, understanding of the wider world, physical activity, trying new things, helping others.

  • Tailor your Personal development, SMSC, RSE and wellbeing curriculum to meet the needs of each cohort, based on the progress measures.

  • Tailor individual support for pupils.

  • Provide new and enriching activities for pupils using evidence gathered.

  • Build effective evidence about your outstanding personal development provision.

Who is the Personal Development Tracker for?

Built by teachers for teachers, the Personal Development Tracker allows primary school leaders an easy and simple way to monitor the personal development journey of their students. 

To demonstrate Outstanding Personal Development, schools must give pupils access to a wide, rich set of experiences in a coherently planned way. Opportunities for pupils to develop their talents and interests are of exceptional quality, and there is strong take-up by pupils. In particularly disadvantaged pupils benefit from this support and provision. 

How it Works

Students answer a simple survey every term or half term and school staff can track, report and monitor their students’ personal development relative to other students and cohorts. 

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